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seet a message toothe entire city that all neighboohoods needed to wake up and every family had to beeaware anddnot be frightened by what happened but really to do something themselves.(((ade to black)) a dark daa in baltmore hiitory that has given way to a farr briggter future.13:29:50 were up little girl begiis to ssyy9 times4 is 36 that's y girr...giggll10:30:41 wipe fast 13:30:46 (ttught edit) i am so proud of you give me five gimmm me hug you ppactice this weekknd i love youpamela carter is the director here at the dawson safe haven center. a place where childrrn can come ater school. (carter) 13:33:08 we try to instill inn thhm how importaat communiit is this is wheee they live they need to take care of their commuuity also//forrmany it's an alternative to the streets. 13:40:38 it kept me out of troubledominic harris went to school with the dawsonn childrenn(dominic harrii) died like they didn't come to died because they felt they - threatened in the neiggborhhod mother felt threatennd ffrrthe safety f her kidsfor the younger ones....13:28:02 mrs hhgan mmller come c
to such works of art. then the entire city, given the supply of createive talent, the whole city could be a revolving work of art. that would be wonderful. that is what black rock city is. why not transpose that to san francisco? i think the city is now looking at doing art paths for that purpose. it would not be hard, given the abundance of -- after so many years in the desert, there is a huge backlog of brilliant art. magnificent piece is done by armies of artists working together. so that is an obvious things that could be instituted. i also pulled him that we did not have any trash cans in our city. we did not really continue that dialogue. [laughter] >> the question that everyone in san francisco is asking now, i'm going to ask you as a formality. are you going this year? have you ever missed one? have you ever wanted to? >> no. [laughter] at one time, i was very much needed -- i am still needed, from time to time. although, if i and my partners have done our job, we should not be needed that much. i am like anyone else out there. it is a big place. it is hyperactive. not only are
want to say thank you for your work. i really believe you go across the entire city above and beyond and you have done a lot of volunteering of your time. i'm sure you have done this a lot. i just want to say thank you for your service. it is really important. we rely a lot on you in the city. there should be more of you in terms of doing what you are doing so thank you. >> i think you are right. should be more of me but unfortunately there's only one of me and the entire san francisco say also can't find another one, even in sfpd or the d.a.'s office. >> can i just say that one thing that really angers me about these scams is many seniors are really isolated and don't have a younger person to talk with them about being careful, so they are so isolated that they don't talk to others. i'm hoping sf safe or the senior organizations and many community-based groups can do more to reduce that isolation for many older folks. but i think that is a broader issue than what law enforcement can deal with but i see that targeting vulnerable that are most isolated is what many criminals do. >> an
to give a gift to an entire city, it is easy to find people who will give to that. and the consequence is, you can learn a lot. talk about a networking opportunity. but nobody ever went there to network. they went out there to give their energy, imagination, their heart to something. >> there is that collaboration, the cross-disciplinary thing that happens out there, but i also feel like there is a bit of a sense of competition. people are trying to outdo each other, try to outdo each other trt impressive thing. >> that is human nature. i read a few years ago somebody complaining, i remember the good old days. you could put up a pink flamingo in front of your tent and it was cool. now with all of these big projects, i feel few tile -- futile. well, they learned the wrong lesson. the interesting thing is, people say that they are connected, but in an environment like that, it is easy to get connected. it is easy to get help. unless you insist on being the leader, you will find something to join. that is what my whole career has been, basically. >> speaking of your career, how did it all st
with you about important policy issues facing my district and facing the ebb entire city and county, but i respectfully submit that i do not believe that the current structure allows for meaningful dialogue some of you would like to see. so my question is mr. mayor would you submit restructuring question time in order to allow members of board of supervisors to ask follow-up questions and engage in a dialogue about the critical issues facing our city and residents and i would simplied into restructuring in any way that we can figure out together that would be meaningful. thank you. >> thank you for your questions, supervisor campos. i have to respectfully disagree with the assumptions that you make with that question. first i do find these monthly sessions useful. they may not be as entertaining to you as some of the other items on board calendar, but my goal is not to come here and grab headlines. every month i got questions that deal with a wide variety of issues. muni, public safety, today for example we have questions from supervisor mar and chu about neighborhood fresh food choices an
here. i know the people and residents, not just my district, but the entire city. i would be an excellent representative of district 7 but the entire city. i am the number one choice of the democratic party and number 2 chartion of the bay guardian and number 3 choice of the republican party. conservatives, moderates and progressives support me because they trust me. i have a record of putting the city first and demonstrating capacity to work with different viewpoints. as supervisor i will make funding of public safety initiatives which includes training new police and firefighters my number one budget priority. i will make sure that promises made at park merced are kept. make sure that the boat house at lake merced is built with input from the community and becomes a beacon for local residents and their families. i will also make sure there is a real pipeline for students and a local academic institutions. return thousands of jobs that are becoming available as companies seek to improve and move into the city and hire and thrive. my career has been prepared for me for thi
a gathering place not only for lesbians here in our neighborhood and throughout the city, but for an entire community in bernal heights. just a little bit of context, little bit of context. at the time that wild side west moved to cortland street, there were actually a number, numerous lesbian bars scattered throughout san francisco. but as i understand it due to gentrification, economic challenges that many of these businesses faced, wild side west is now one of only two lesbian bars that actually remains here in the city and county of san francisco, both of which are actually located in district 9. so, i wanted to take this opportunity as wild side west is celebrating its 50th anniversary to thank, on behalf of district 9 and the entire board of supervisors, the wild side west for being a survivor, for their numerous contributionses to our community. it is a place where many fund-raisers have been held for so many different issues, for providing a safe place for women, for members of a queer community, and again, for the entire bernal heights and quite frankly entire san francisco communi
that municipalities such as kashiwazaki city could fall entirely within an evacuation zone. >>> these municipalities within a 30 kilometer radius of nuclear plants must now draw up new plans to respond to nuclear disasters, but the nra has yet to present criteria for evacuation or information on what kind of support the national government will provide. the municipalities say they're confused and frustrated. >> reporter: this is niigata prefecture. the entire city lies within 30 kilometer of the nuclear power plant. that means none of its 27 evacuation centers would be useable in the event of a nuclear accident. >> translator: the centers will be useless under the 30 kilometer rule. >> reporter: under the new guidelines the city has evacuation areas outside of the city for all 90,000 of its residents. other problems have surfaced. the city needs to map out evacuation routes and make detailed plans to relocate the city office and protect civilians from radiation. however, the nra has not provided criteria for evacuation or for measures to prevent radiation exposure. iodine tablets remain on the shelv
in the entire city of san francisco. and, so, the pioneers in our city decided that we needed bilingual services, chinese bilingual services in our city. and, so, our agency was created in 1972. and so 40 years later i'm happy to say that every year we are able to serve over 350 children, youth, and their families at our clinic. and, so, it's really important, i really like to, you know, thank the board of supervisors for recognizing mental health awareness month in this city. and i really thank you for recognizing me and for providing services here. but i want to also, you know, -- taking on the excitement of the san francisco giants winning the world series, you know, i think every time the giants or, you know, [speaker not understood] is interviewed and any number of the giants' team is interviewed, they always talk about good teamwork. that really wins the game. and i really want to thank the department, i notice that as people are entering this room, that there are many members of our departments who are here this afternoon. i'd like to thank them for their support of the work we do in our
forward to working with you and the entire city family and san francisco families get the time and attention they need to thrive, grow and evolve. our neighborhoods define our city and central to making san francisco one of the best places to live. thank you to joaquin for having the foresight that i have for taking on this new role. i have tremendous shoes to fill and you did a great job and my predecessors and supervisor givein dufty and others and i want to continue the legacy for this office. i must acknowledge my mother. she was a strong out going, strong, out spoken feisty latina and came to this country to escape war and limited opportunity. i wouldn't with where i am today if it wasn't the strong principles my mother and fall instilled in my siblings for me and because of my mother and the people of hondoor as i grew up caring about people and the quality of life and understand and educate myself in making meaningful impact on this world. i am blessed to have amazing family and trends that encourage and support the work that i have done for the last eight years fo
it is an issue that affects the entire city. one of the first things i did as supervisor was to call a hearing on how the city works on the abatement of bed bugs and on march 28th we heard from over 100 residents, advocates and affordable housing developers about the impact that this has on people's lives. so, today i'm asking you to support this legislation which would address three main issues. one, the legislation requires the city provide clear and accessible information on how to properly abate bed bug infestation and the rules and responsibilities for tenants, landlords, and pest control operators. two, in doing our due diligence we looked at what other jurisdictions have done to address this issue and decided to include them in our legislation and have decided to include in our ledthtion asian a provision in new york city administrative code. this will require a property owner or property manager to disclose to prospective tenants written disclosure of the bed bug infestation and abatement history only upon request. third, we require pest control operators to report to dph on a monthly
with you. and, again, we want to thank you for what you do for our neighborhood and the entire city. >>> [speaker not understood] a party on saturday. (applause) >> thank you, kiloton. and i have another presentation. i'd like to ask officers john cafe and officers david sands as well as we have here with us captain mowser. we have our commander who is here. if you could please come up. we'll give them some time. i know that officer cafe just had surgery and hopefully will take the time to recover fully. but let me just say this is a presentation that has been a long time coming. and i think that i can honestly say not only on behalf of myself, but on behalf of my entire office that the work that we have done with officers cafe and sands in many respects has been the most fulfilling work that we have done since i was elected to the board of supervisors. the way that -- let me tell you a little bit about sort of how we got to this point. and we all have talked about and heard about community policing and the importance of having a police department that is connected to the neighborho
to a visitor, with whom the form great lasting friendships quite often. we announced that the entire city family take time to think about whether the existing laws should apply to the new activity or whether we should create new policies and regulations that apply more appropriately to the activity. we look forward to tackling that with the working group going forward. >> how was the turnout? >> it was a pretty huge turnout. we had about 40 hosts from san francisco, probably more than that. many of them testified. it was an incredibly moving experience. i do not think i have seen a city hearing the was that emotional. people are using this income to pay property taxes if they own their home, pay off their mortgages, pay increasing rents. our cofounders could not afford their increasing rent so they blew up an air mattress in their living room and rented it out to make rent. this is incredibly important as a source of income for our hosts. if you are taxing at 15%, we need to do so thoughtfully. >> what was the treasurer's view? how is it different from yours? >> we do not know what the tr
the complainant at every instance. because the entire city has interest in enforcement of that law. [buzzer] it's that operation with the interest with respect of the findings. you have qualifications here whether a person relied in good faith or whether there was advice. that might be referral with relevant with respect to enforcement or fines or something. but the actual fining of the violation, that's irrelevant. [buzzer] it's a violation. >> thank you. >> could i ask a question. so you would have the task force be the spokesperson for its decision before us and have the responde respondent -- when we give the respondent the opportunity to have it over turned and not act on it. but have the task force the spokesperson and not the complainant? >> if the complainant does not wish to show up. then the task force itself should be able to show up. make sure that the issue was pursued. >> not as the representative of the issue. >> speaking for the task force and acting for the order of determination. >> thank you. >> okay, a couple of things have been become clear to me through this process. first
school. whatever we can as an entire city to get them across the high-school finish line. if we can do that, all those other numbers go away. think about the money that could be productively spent towards ending violence in the long-term here in san francisco. i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the mayor and the board of supervisors' leadership and the friendship and love that is in the room. we really, really appreciate the help. thank you. [applause] >> next, we will be bringing up the director of adult probation, chief windy still -- wendy still. [applause] >> thank you. adult probation department is working to create short and long term effective intervention to
the career of a man who has served our city for 28 years, who has left us a legacy of which he and the entire city can be proud of. tonight, we celebrate the lifetime achievement of ed harrington. [applause] >> you really have to believe. i will give you my trust. i will give you this authority, but you need to take care of us. that's your job. that is the important challenge. >> 20 eight years is a long time working for any place. i loved working for the city. two things come to mind as biggest accomplishments. one is, just keeping the place running. it's a pretty big accomplishment. if i had to pick one big thing, it would be helping to create the department of aging and adult services. we recognize people who were elderly or having to go to four different offices in the city. we changed it into one department with no wrong door. if you need those kind of services, you can come here. the way city government should work. it was a great thing to happen. i like to solve puzzles. i like to take things that do not work and figure out how to make them work. when i got there, it was the place you
the priorities for hiv prevention in the entire city and serve as really, again, one of the flagship prevention programs globally in making decisions about how to have the biggest impact on driving down new infections. but they're also a world class research organization that does research on testing, on linkage to care, community viral load, treatment of substance use as a way to prevent new hiv infections. and she, again, has a very difficult verse and very talented team and we're really excited to work with them as well. (applause) >> and then finally i want to introduce my staff.
access for the entire city, the design of the space was approved by this commission to have minimal impacts on union square park, no shadow impact, so we believe at this stage, it's critical to move forward with approving this phase of the plan. spur conducted a -- convened a work group to really look at the cost effectiveness of how to keep the central subway project its most cost effective and maintaining our schedule for construction costs is really the best way to contain construction costs, so we really encourage the commission to approve this phase of the project and really get this project done. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you. i might have a question of the city attorney that relates to the previous pecker's objection that the resolution violates the charter section 4.113 (2), can you opine? >> certainly, commissioner? i believe the section of the charter referenced by the speaker prohibits the non-recreational or non-park use of park property would require approval of the voter's
of the paramount thing is, aside from the larger issues that are important to the entire city -- i think the big issue that is really in people's minds is the state of the economy. how is it that we are going to be able to bring down the unemployment rate in san francisco? how is it that we can have sustainable job growth in different sectors in san francisco? how is it that our future generations -- our kids and use -- are trained so they are able to take advantage of what is emerging -- our kids and youth. weather is the health care industry and other things that might be looking rosier -- whether it is the health care industry and other things that might be looking rosier in terms of job activity. >> how will you balance the needs of your district against the needs of the city as a whole? >> -- supervisor chu: a lot of people ask that question. they ask how you can be an effective supervisor and have the city's overall interests in mind, but the thing people often lose is the fact that what is good for the city often times is good for our residents as well. if we are seeing huge economic unce
in the history of the entire city. in 1962 fans were listening and on edge on the final day of the regular season. the giant's beat the houston colt 45s 2-1. while the dodgers lost to the cardinals 1-0. the giants and dodgers were tied and settled the national league pe -- pennant. after the giants won, they brought the world series to san francisco . >> you can leave it at that after all these years there's hardly a day goes by especially when i'm out and about that one don't bring up that line drive that i hit to bobby richardson. >> reporter: with that in mind you can see why the 2010 giants will always have a special place in mccubbies hard. >> i would like to think they did it for me because like i said i didn't get it done in 62 when i had a chance. i was up there with two men on and had a chance to drive in the winning run and i didn't get it done. so these guys came through for me. >> reporter: some players can go an entire career without making it to the postseason and that's why they get so excited when their team makes the play offs. but it's hard to imagine any player getting more ex
likely to be truant and/or at risk of not finishing high school. whatever we can as an entire city to get them across the high-school finish line. if we can do that, all those other numbers go away. think about the money that could be productively spent towards ending violence in the long-term here in san francisco. i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the mayor and the board of supervisors' leadership and the friendship and love that is in the room. we really, really appreciate the help. thank you. [applause] >> next, we will be bringing up the director of adult probation, chief windy still -- wendy still. [applause] >> thank you. adult probation department is working to create short and long term effective intervention to provide offenders with meaningful opportunities to change their lives, which will also reduce crime and victimization. we have to create a way out. our public safety and community-based organization partnership will include a continuum of employment, education, housing, mental health services that will enable individuals to break the -- break free from violence and
, and there is also court review after that, in case the -- you know, in case the entire city gets it wrong. but the simple fact that there are facts involved isn't necessarily something that makes it too complicated or too unpredictable to deal with. that's how law is. haw is always the -- law is always the application of law to facts. >> supervisor farrell: okay. i want to get back to the timing question that you talked about earlier. there is an act that happened on december 31st, and then your brief talks a lot about subsequent behavior. and then an ultimate plea on march 12, i believe. i know you talked about and your brief talks about having not just the act on december 31 but the entire course of conduct be part of this -- you want us to consider the whole body of work, if you will. one question though i think it was competing between your brief and the attorneys for mr. mirkarimi's brief -- >> president chiu: speak into the mic, it's hard for folks to hear. >> supervisor farrell: competing arguments between briefs about the plea in and of itself. and i want to get a clarification. i
serious threat to the entire city. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] supervisor david campos? >> thank you very much, madame chair. and i want to thank all of the members of public who have come out to speak on this item. i also want to note that we have in the audience former supervisor tony hall and it's good to welcome a former member of this body here. i will keep my comments very brief, because i think that everything that has been said, that needs to be said about this matter has been said by the tenants themselves. and i especially wanted to thank the tenants and the residents of not just sro hotels, but different units in the city that have come forward to shed light on this issue. i also want to thank supervisor kim and her staff, who have been dealing with this issue from the moment that she got elected. and i think that this legislation is in many respects, you know, not the culmination, but it adds to the body of work that already has been done and we need to continue to monitor this. so i'm very p
affluent neighborhoods. it essentially levelled an entire city block killing this target. brigadier general, a top security official, he was responsible for a number of investigations, terrorist investigations, and eventually implicated the syrian government and yesterday several top officials here accused the syrian government of being behind his assassination. this country, like syria, is split between pro and anti-assad groups and the fear all along has been that the violence in that country would spill over the borders into this one. stephanie gosk, nbc news, beirut. >> in beirut, protesters set up roadblocks in response to that massive car bombing attack. again, seven people died in yesterday's blast including a top security official. lebanese government has called for a national day of mourning, foreign observers believe the bombing may be linked to the civil war. >>> neighboring west bank, palestinians are heading to the boels for the first time in six years people living there are voting for new mayors and local council members. the palestinian authority seeks to boost the sagging p
to represent the 100%. i took my little 99% button and changed it to 100%. we need to grow the entire city. in our case, we are looking at an economy that has industrial roots, historically. we are rivals for a new, green, and tech industries. at last count, we had 250 of them. when we move forward in these new areas, redevelopment was very helpful in terms of the land, the cleanup of the brown fields. i think there will be some state programs that will maintain affordable housing, the brownfield's aspect, and the transit-oriented development. our redevelopment funds are already set and should be safe. we expect a lot of continuation. some of our stuff has already been ok under the deadline. i think there will be new mechanisms. i think steinberg is looking for a way to keep and save both affordable housing and transit- oriented development. >> with what mayor quan said -- as i emphasized in my presentation, one of the most important things that we as mayors need to do is make sure we create an investor-confidence situation here. what redevelopment has taught us is they had investors depen
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